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My Gadget swag

sony psp game

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Current gadget swag, shown is – PSP (In playgear pocket case), Playgear Mod (Logitech headphones), iPod (3G 20GB). Not shown – Fulifilm Finepix S5000, Nokia 3310 (Blue LED mod).sony psp game

Carnage Heart EXA hits PSP, PS Vita tomorrow
Contrary to popular belief, the PSP is not dead. In fact, Natsume is bringing several PSP titles to North America and Europe this year. Tomorrow you can pick up Carnage Heart EXA for $ 29.99 and the release marks the first of several PSP games from the … sony psp game
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Top 20 PSP Games + Download links + Gameplay 2011 HQ

I tried to combine all of the genres into 1 list so everyone has something fun to play :P BTW, this is all my gameplay, and my opinion. So don’t rage that I … sony psp game
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Wipeout Pure

Description :

Wipeout Pure, the latest edition to the popular racing series for the PSP handheld entertainment system, provides an intense, combat racing experience as players choose from five different speed classes and race relentlessly around 16 futuristic, racing tracks. During both single and multi-player gameplay, racing fans will be able to enjoy challenging, action-packed gameplay modes that include Single Race, Tournament, Time Trial, Free Play and Zone Mode (single-player only).

sony psp game

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