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Electric van drive past

electric automobiles

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Paris Motor Show (Mondial de l’automobile) 2010electric automobiles

Rare 1940s electric car discovered in French garage
We've been discussing recently how old electric cars really are in our look at the history of the battery powered model (see story) and now we've the story of a rare, old electric car, dating from the 1940s Breguet electric car which was recently … electric automobiles
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Renault’s New Electric Car Advertising Campaign

Renault, the first car manufacturer to offer a range of four electric vehicles accessible to everybody, reconfirms its commitment by launching an advertising… electric automobiles

Koolatron Compact Kooler

Description :

Tall, slim, sleek designCoolers are usually large and unwieldy, which is why Koolatron developed the Compact Kooler, specially designed to fit in the snug spaces behind the seats of many cars, trucks, and vans. Like many of Koolatron’s coolers, this unit features a 12-volt cooling system that plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter. The cooler’s motor blows cold air over your food and beverages, keeping them 40 degrees F cooler than the outside temperature. The cooler also doubles as a warmer, if y

electric automobiles

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