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Arcade Stick Face Plate – Street Fighter 4

arcade stick

Image by Tom Jankowski
Face plate/cover for my future arcade stick project.arcade stick

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Beyond the many themed courses that keep the game interesting, you also have some extra arcade elements to add some flavor. As you play, you'll unlock unique balls like the Sticky Ball, for example, that sticks to surfaces after you hit the ball … arcade stick
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Classic Game Room – SEGA DREAMCAST ARCADE STICK review

Sega Dreamcast Arcade Stick review. CGR Store: Classic Game Room reviews the SEGA DREAMCAST ARCADE STI… arcade stick

Universal Fighting Stick for PC/PS2/PS3 (USB)

Description :

1. This affordable, brand new and boxed arcade style fighting controller is compatible with Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and PC and replicates the exact layout and spacing of buttons found in arcade cabinets all over the world. Compatible with all games that use a standard controller, you can use it on the likes of every Streetfighter incarnation, King of Fighters, Tekken, MAME etc.

2. Unlike many sticks, this controller has considerable weight to it (2kg), to keep it sturdy as you play. It’s a

arcade stick

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