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Abby Hiding

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Image by chrisbreitenbach
One of Abby’s favorite games is to have me surround her by pillows and place her Dora blanket over her. I then pretend to search for her. "Where’s Abby," I’ll ask? "In Chicago," she’ll respond matter of factly. Search Dora Games

The International Remembers 10 Years of Iraq
US Army sergeants on a mission in Dora, Iraq, June 21, 2007. Image Credit: US Army photo by Spc. Elisha … VanWoert was busy training soldiers for war. He recalls 2001 and 2002 as years full of war games, simulations, and as much preparation as one … Search Dora Games
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Dora The Explorer: Search For Captain Pigs Treasure 01

I just do Dora Games for the “fun” of it. Search Dora Games

Berry Hunt

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