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They don’t look too appetizing…

don carbone

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..but they are so delicious. Like its cousin, the quenelle, the ravioli nudi is a light little dumpling packed with flavor. You know they’re ready when they rise to the top.don carbone

Examining Sargent's Shift From Oil to Watercolors
Brooklyn's works are mostly smaller, freer, more expressive. Almost none are signed. Knowing that his next works would land in Boston, Sargent made them larger and more finished, and signed them. “They are all just a delight,” Ms. Carbone said. “We don … don carbone
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La testimonianza di don Antonio Carbone

Lucia Ascione durante il programma “Nel cuore dei giorni” dà il benvenuto a don Antonio Carbone, impegnato con i minori a rischio dell’oratorio di Torre Annu…don carbone
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Giant Gila Monster / Creature from the Haunted Sea (Double Feature)

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“The Giant Gila Monster” (1959)
74 minutes – A couple of teenagers are reported missing in a small Texas town, and it is thought they eloped. Sheriff Jeff turns to his friend, Clarence Winstead, a garage mechanic and leader of a hot-rod gang for help. A series of tragic motor accidents occur and it becomes apparent that a giant gila monster is roaming the area and depleting the town of its citizens and passer-throughs, including two hot-rodding teen-agers. And might have plans on attending the B

don carbone

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