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Abandoned Television

crt tvs

Image by Anthony Albright
Interestingly, abandonded CRT TVs are a rather common occurrence on the streets of San Francisco—after being left in favor of shiny new HDTVs. If 3DTV eventually catches on in the mainstream, maybe we’ll start to see HD screens on the street.crt tvs

Television watching experience has changed over the past few years
In recent times, many consumers have replaced their old CRT TVs with thinner plasma or LCD high definition models that make standard definition broadcasting seem ordinary. There is something to be said for watching a SuperRugby game in HD. crt tvs
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Smash The Memorex CRT TV

Killing a tv I saved from a flooded house, Piece of crap didn’t even spark. _____ http… crt tvs

CRT TV/VCR Bracket 13-17″ AVF 450B

Description :

AVF 450B CRT and VCR Wall Bracket. Suitable for CRT TV’s / Monitors 13-17″ (33-43cm). Maximum weight 30kg (66lbs). Space to support VCR. Black finish.

crt tvs

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