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Lori’s bracket

ncaa bracket

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Goin’ head-to-head with STAN! The problem with picking your favorite team to win is you get doubly disappointed if they lose.

1st round = 1 point
2nd round = 2 points
Sweet 16 = 4 points
Elite 8 = 8 points
National semis = 16 points
Champion = 32 pointsncaa bracket

March Madness Tuition Tournament
It is once again time for the NCAA "March Madness" basketball tournament. The eventual champions will get to bask in the national spotlight until the next cruise-ship disaster/shark attack/episode of "Girls"/baseball season/ happens. And sure, winning … ncaa bracket
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March Madness 2013: NCAA Tournament Bracket Analysis

Ready for March Madness? Selection Sunday is over and the first round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has been set. WSJ’s Darren Everson and Geoff Fo… ncaa bracket

The Duke Basketball Bluebook: A Round-by-Round Guide to the NCAA 2012 Tournament

Description :

The Duke Basketball Bluebook, the most authoritative round-by-round source for insights and analysis about the Blue Devils and their challengers in the 2012 Men’s NCAA Tournament, is now available for the first time as an ebook for all mobile devices and ebook readers.

A special team of Duke Basketball and NCAA Tournament sports reporting veterans and techies have been assembled to deliver an updated, in-depth, team-by-team analysis, including the how and why of each team’s results

ncaa bracket

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